Thursday, October 25, 2007

Snow White at The Carthay

There has been plenty of buzz recently regarding the Carthay Circle Theater, with a reproduction coming soon to Disney's California Adventure. The original theater once stood in the mid-Wilshire District of Los Angeles and was host to many film premieres including the west coast premiere of Gone With the Wind and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Here are a few snapshots of the diorama scenes that were on display for the premiere run of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. While the photographs certainly aren't professional, they do offer a rare peek at the theater grounds at the time.

Though these displays don't necessarily depict scenes from the film, they appear to have been well constructed and there are dwarfs (in the form of garden gnomes) placed throughout.

The inclusion of monsters however, seems a bit out of place and begs the question, who thought those were a good idea?

I don't imagine that anyone from the Disney Studio was involved, but who knows.

(click on each for a larger image)


Anonymous said...

Gotta brag that I saw GWTW's 1968 re-release at the gorgeous Carthay Circle Theater!!
'Cuz that I did,(if memory serves, I think it was on my 13th birthday!) And it was insanely cool.. Even now, I can well remember seeing this great film for the first time, and appreciating the fact that this was where it premiered in LA--
Boy was I pissed when they tore the Carthay down the following year..What a crime.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos, thanks!
I was born (1962) and raised on the same street at the theater and sadly saw it demolished. What a crime! Hope they don't paint it a disgusting brown or beige if they rebuild it in DCA. The theater was white...magical in Snow!

craig clark said...

Great shots Joe! Hollywood was quite different back then.

Waxy Reyerson said...

The live radio premiere is in the special features of the Snow White 2 disc DVD set. These photos really let you in on the visuals!