Monday, January 17, 2011

Disney Bulletin - January 17, 1939

Turn the Clock Back 72 Years

Another Disney Bulletin offering a peek into the goings-on at Disney's Hyperion Avenue studio. There is a mention of Mary Flanigan, jokingly listed as "Apple Mary" who was offici
ally a stenographer or receptionist, but also ran a small side-business within the studio selling cigarettes, gum and other treats. Lower on the first page is a brief but informative biography of Joe Grant apparently written by Dorothy Ann Blank who had earlier worked on Snow White in the story department.

In column two is a list of artists who were there for animation tryouts. The only name here which stands out is Hawley Pratt, a who later went on to fame as a layout artist with Warner Bros. cartoons and director with DePatie-Freleng. Readers may find one or more names they recognize.

Further down is the mention of a Co
nrad Buff art exhibit at the Colonial Tea Room nearby. This Conrad Buff is not the Academy Award winning editor, nor his father the architect, but his grandfather the artist. Also below are listings for screenings and club meetings and a short list of artists whose gags were accepted for use in upcoming Donald Duck strips.

An outline for submissions to The Bulletin starts off the second and final page. Notable cost-cutting measures arise in a section titled, "Is Your Number Here?," where employees are asked to point out phone numbers they have called and step forward to pay for the charges. Beyond that is a list of new books in the studio library. Rounding out the issue is one simple classified ad from the great Roy Williams who is attempting to sell a brown suede jacket.