Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Softball Game - part 2

1:26 - 4:12

Picking up the softball game from where we left off last week
, here is the remainder of the game section of the footage:

The house (in the upper left of the frame) is the only house in the immediate neighborhood that is still standing today. Below is a late 1930s photograph of the Disney Studio on Hyperion showing the former lot where this softball game was played (in green) and the same house circled in red.

Carlos Manriquez, seen running here, is mis-identified in the audio commentary as Carlos "Enriquez."
At this point in the audio commentary Hardie Gramatky is mistakenly identified as John Cannon.

Directors Jack King and Burton (Burt) Gillett were hired early by Disney and came west from studios in New York, the hub of animation at that time.
Batting here is George Drake, head of the the training and inbetweening department. Inbetweening was the first rung on the ladder at the studio in the 1930s. Most artists spent a relatively short time there before moving up and into other departments. Drake was in the unfortunate position of being viewed as the gatekeeper to advancement within the studio, which resulted in unflattering opinions of him.

Studio comptroller, George Morris, is watching the game at left.

Below is a breakdown of the game footage and the players as they appear on the film. Most are identified as in the images above. If you have additional identifications please let me know.

pitcher: Hardie Gramatky

catcher: Chuck Couch
second base: Roy Williams

third base: Fred Moore
batter #1: Walt Disney
batter #2: David Hand

- (teams switch sides) - pitcher: __________
catcher: Walt Disney

first base: Tom Palmer

second base: __________
short stop: Norm Ferguson

third base: David Hand

batter #1: Hardie Gramatky

batter #2: Carlos Manriquez
batter #3: Johnny Cannon
batter #4: Jack Cutting / runner: Hardie Gramatky

batter #5: Roy Williams
batter #6: Les Clark
- (teams switch sides/cut/camera move) - catcher: Chuck Couch
first base: Carlos Manriquez

batter #1: Floyd Gottfredson
batter #2: George Drake
- (cut) -
batter #3: Walt Disney

batter #4: David Hand
batter #5: Norm Ferguson
- (cut to post-game) -

The post-game features director Jack King and animator Johnny Cannon in a mock fight over a bat with a large group of other studio personnel gathered around. Those images will be posted in the next couple of days.

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