Friday, March 30, 2007

Just a Bit o' News

Pacific Title & Art Studio, the company founded in 1919 by Leon Schlesinger has been sold. The original business of the company was to supply motion picture studios with title cards. In the era of silent films this was very profitable because every film released required dozens (perhaps hundreds) of inter-title cards to display the dialog to the audience.

When talking pictures became all the rage in the late 1920s, the need for inter-title cards began to decline. With the establishment of his cartoon studio, Schlesinger was able to shift some of his focus to supplying Warner Bros. with sound cartoons. Beyond the fact that they now had entertaining cartoon shorts to show before the feature films, it also enabled Warner Bros. to capitalize on their growing music catalog with the Looney TUNES and Merrie MELODIES shorts that Schlesinger produced for them!

Pacific Title remained in the business of titles and end credits -- supplying the titles for thousands of films, including Gone with the Wind and Ben Hur. In the early 1990s their scope was expanded with the establishment of Pacific Title Digital. Their business now includes digital compositing, visual effects and film restoration.

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